Friday, August 5, 2011

We Like Sheep

...And Hydrangeas.  And Mississippi.  And Emyo!

So the squeals you heard coming from Canterbury Lane yesterday were, well, our fault.  We just couldn't stand how fabulous our new Emyo's were!  We pulled them straight out of bubble wrap and into the scene for some upcoming photo shoots - we can't tell you which ones just yet :)

I mean come on! What southern belle wouldn't love this hanging in her home?  This work, Hydrangeas on Silver, is classic Emyo.  The colors and textures bring these flowers to life!

We Like Sheep and we love the unexpected use of color in this field.  This is such a perfect way to bring nature into your home in an unexpected way! 

Oh heavens, this is gorgeous! I think I've saved the best for last - a barn sitting on a cotton filed!  She takes us right into the heart of Mississippi with this colorful work!

We are so excited for our event at the end of August with Emyo herself! Go ahead and mark your calendars for a trip to Birmingham on August 25th!


  1.'ve made these paintings look even more beautiful and I didn't think that was possible!!! I'm so excited about our upcoming show!!! AND....our upcoming photo shoots!!! What a great post you did!!! Thank you...

  2. Stunning is right! The colors and landscape is so pretty.....that first one is particularly spectacular!

  3. Those are simply gorgeous! I especially love the first two! I'd be squealing too!