Friday, March 4, 2011

We've only just begun!

We've only just begun reminds me of the classic song by the Carpenters! I loved that song growing up!!! And the words are still so true today... I feel like I am just now scratching the surface of things I need to learn in this business....dealing with customers, designers,'s made me a stronger person, I think! It's made me realize the impact I think we've had on our city...all of us at Mulberry Heights Antiques seek to make each customer feel very special~because you are! We want our customers to think of our shop as a place to "drop by" when you need to talk...or you need a pat on the back...or you just simply want to look at beautiful antiques!
It's been fun going down "memory lane" so to makes me remember why I started this business! I started it because of my love of transferware! My love for love of nostalgia! I truly do remember spending hours in my great grandmother's attic and being mesmerized!!!
My collections began to take on a whole new meaning when I actually opened Mulberry Heights Antiques after decorating with my friend, Sharon as Grapevine Interiors.

After looking at some of our old ads and featured articles it has truly made me love this shop all over again! These are just a few of our ads from the past....there are still more to come!

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