Saturday, March 5, 2011

ALABAMA MAGAZINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So glad we finally have our own magazine!! I've envied the Mississippi Magazine for years thinking...Why do we not have our OWN magazine? I mean we are ALABAMA for crying out loud!! Which is why when my friend Gina Carruth suggested that we advertise with them I was ALL for it!!! I mean...why would you NOT support your own state....your own magazine...something that will showcase ALABAMA!!!!! What have you got to lose? I've been very impressed with it so far...the articles are great, the photography is beautiful, all in all it's a very classy magazine!

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  1. Agreed about the support,I think we all owe it to our communities, cities and states to support media publications amongst other things if we are able. What a great thing....cannot wait to hear more about sure there will be many beautiful homes/interiors featured! Exciting:)