Wednesday, March 30, 2011

We are nearing the end and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!

 When you start a project that you've put off and dreaded for quite some time....I can't even begin to tell you the joy that I felt today when I walked in the shop...and the painter was done!! Through!!! well......almost!!!!
 He's still coming back this weekend to add some hardwoods at the entrance and behind the desk where the seagrass has been totally worn out over the past eleven years.... Eleven years and this is the first time we've re-painted!! We have no more nail holes! No more ugly, unused nails for that matter that aren't being used at the time....nothing drove me more crazy than a bunch of ugly nails sticking out of every single wall in a million places!!!!
 We have literally worked our cans off this well as last week and yes, there is more in sight!
 I could never have done it without the help of my two Pattie's ( Patti and Pattie! ) I so wish I had taken a picture of precious Holly and Jim as well as they worked their cans of today and for the past few days! Holly thought this would be a fun break from helping out at Brad's Chick fil A....I think she was longing to make deliveries again by the end of the day!!! WE WERE EXHAUSTED!!!!! I am forever grateful for all of their help....and Jim...thank you for taking the day to help us at Mulberry Heights Antiques!
                                 What would we do without you??!!
 This is just a taste of what we've done so far.....I hope you will stop in and see us! We've had several designers in to say that they really loved it!!
 I was so afraid that the slatwalls were going to make the shop look "cheap" and in made it look so much better!!! It's given it character...almost as if there was wainscoting in the shop now! I love it!!!!!! My dream come true!!!
 When Raul came by this afternoon, he literally walked in the door beaming! You see...he had worked until 4:30 this morning! He called to say he needed a few hours sleep and then he would be back....when he stepped inside the shop and saw all that we had put back together and hung....he simply grinned and said, "good! good! very good!" He was so proud of his work...and rightly so!!!!
 Once the floors are done...and we add MORE slatwalls since we know we love them so much.....
 we are having a sip and see so to speak!!! In 2 weeks if we can pull it off!!! We are hoping for a new shipment of Emily's paintings as well as Caroline Reehl's pottery!!! And just a chance to show off our "New Look" and let everyone....customers and designers alike know just how very much we appreciate your business!!! Without you....we wouldn't be here!! and that's the truth!!!


  1. This is FABULOUS!!! I have loved watching the shop transform and getting to be a part of it! It looks beautiful! And yes, I am definitely worn out from it, but it was so worth it! I want to buy SO many things from Mulberry, as you heard me say a million times this week :)

  2. Oh are so sweet....I truly thought of calling you and asking you to read this post and let me know your thoughts! So often....every day..I worry about who is going to read these...knowing it REALLY doesn't matter..I write for myself and I've always wanted that...but what REALLY matters is that you care...and I remember when I started this was my way of being able to communicate with you and to keep up with you as you moved around the's just been in the south! see you read this without your mother telling you too just blessed my heart like you can't imagine!! Now...I will have to wear sunglassed to work tomorrow but that's ok!!! Just knowing you loved it is all that matters! I love you more than all the rice in China!! and always will!!!

  3. can I also add that I've never seen two Pattie's any more cute than this??? Yall are the most beautiful people!! Even when you are tired!! You never look it!!!

  4. your pattie's are pretty cute!!! I am so happy for you guys, it looks amazing!

  5. You really have been busy and everything looks fabulous. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  6. Oh Carolyn, It looks beautiful! You have so many great pieces in the store. I'm so glad Holly could help. I know she is too. It's things like this we love to do with and for our mothers. It sounds like she may have the family antique, " Bug, " also. Who could blame her! I'm so glad you're enjoying the process. Thanks the update! Love you, Kim