Tuesday, November 2, 2010

just a few more pictures....

Well..... I finally figured out how to post the pictures that meant the most to me last year! I'm tempted to put up the pictures of all my dear, special friends that came to this fun party!!! Hope they won't get mad!!!! :) Anyway... Many, many thanks to Kathy Miller and Ellen Stephenson for decorating my home when I was too tired to do it!!! After a big wedding year, and decorating the shop starting right after October... it was VERY nice to have their help!!!! Kathy Miller was without a doubt the most enjoyable, agreeable, "work with you" person I've ever dealt with!!!! She also did my daughter's wedding and I wouldn't use anyone else!!! She was the Best!!!!!! Happy Holidays to everyone!!! I look forward to sharing more pictures if we get inspired to do something different at the shop or at home!!! Enjoy your family!!! Enjoy the holidays and savor each moment!!!! It goes by so very fast!!!!!!

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