Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Christmas Inspirations!!!

I hope I am "able" or should I say.... Capable... of putting up a few pictures.... mainly to inspire us tomorrow on how to decorate the shop... once again, for Christmas! Although we dread getting decorated so early.... we truly try to concentrate on the true meaning of Christmas!! Hope you enjoy some of our ideas... and I really hope that we are inspired to come up with new ones!!!! Enjoy!!!!! And give us your feedback! We would love it!!! Alot of these pictures are from things we have done for Southern Living Table Scapes or things that I have hired people to do in my own home! I will never act like I am a floral designer! I wish I was.... believe me!!!! I take these pictures saying to myself.... "Next year, I will be able to do this myself!!!" It NEVER happens!!! I always have to call in the experts when I am having a big party or I'm in the middle of a wedding year and just don't have the energy to do it myself! Either way... these are great and beautiful floral ideas to decorate your home with for the holiday season! Enjoy.... and never forget the reason we celebrate!!!!!!

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  1. So lovely, Caroline. Gets me in the mood for the holidays. :)