Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wednesday's What If's…"What If Tomorrow, We Could Become Something Different?"

I don't know why that title struck me as my fingers hit the keys…sometimes, I just go with it! And tonight, was one of those times! I'm pretty tense just watching the elections..and then I remember that my Heavenly Father watches over every single thing that happens in my life!
So when things happen in my life that may seem commonplace or 'everyday' to someone..they are most definitely not commonplace to me! They are significant and they mean the world to me!

Which is why I'm thrilled that Birmingham Home and Garden Magazine is including us in their new issue of "Gallery Hopping! If you had asked me a year ago what I would have wanted for my shop…this would have been my answer! I started dreaming about this and praying about this at least a year ago…and now, here it is…and I am just hoping to live up to these artists standards and help them to make their dreams come true! I have truly wanted this for Mulberry Heights Antiques for such a long time! The results of having such incredible artists in the shop has been overwhelming! 
Thank You, Birmingham Home and Garden Magazine for including us in this issue!!

Love their "Gallery Picks!"
I couldn't have picked them better myself!

And the map…for crying out loud! I've always wanted to be on a "map"! Seriously, our "neck of the woods" has ALOT to offer!

And I truly love the fact that they included Emily's work in this issue…especially the piece in Amy Belden's house! Amy is a jewel! She has been in a lot lately and we've had such a great time discussing art with her!

What a beautiful home she has! 
Such a lively, fun environment! Just like her personality!

The only thing I wish they'd done differently, would have been to let me showcase my own artwork of Emily's in my home! I swear, it could be a gallery in itself! It's a little embarrassing..the amount of her work that I have…but it sure is pretty!
Shall I show you the pics? Hmmmm….maybe one day soon! 
Hope we can all have a fabulous rest of our week! I know I will at least be enjoying some delightful food as I am leaving today for New Orleans with Holly and Brad! I can't believe I haven't even seen their first house since they've been moved in to it! I know we helped them find it..but this is different! Wish me luck as we hang curtains…photograph the"Yellow Kitchen" and attempt to antique shop, clothes shop, jewelry shop and eat ourselves into oblivion tonight at Susan Spicer's restaurant, Mondo!

And that's just the beginning!! 
New Orleans….The Big Easy...
Here we come!!!
 I will keep you posted on the assortment of other divine eateries that are on my bucket list! And as always, the places we find that are irresistible to shop in! That is my goal these next 3 days…to be totally fun and enjoy my middle children! This should be a really fun trip!
(not to make you feel sorry for me…but would love your prayers as I have a really bad ear infection and a staph infection! Oh my!)
I deal with ear stuff all of the time…too in depth to go into…let's just say, I am NEVER without an interpreter in my shop if it can be helped thanks to hearing loss…now it's a whole lot worse! Just ask Pattie and Ellen!
Have a wonderful rest of your week...



  1. Hi Carolyn...I am back..woo hoo!! SOOO happy, you have no idea. Thanks for your kind words and concern, meant a lot. The magazine chose well in featuring you, you rock!!!!! New Orleans? SOOOO jealous, the most fun city with the BEST food ever. I swear I fly down just to eat a few meals and fly back, that good. Enjoy, safe travels and look forward to hearing about your adventures down there!!

  2. So happy for you Carolyn! You have a good eye and are expanding on your many talents, and of course the magazine took notice! Have a wonderful time in New Orleans, looking forward to hearing all about it and maybe getting some shopping tips! Hope you are back in good health soon.

  3. So glad to hear this Carolyn! You definitely deserve it sister! Her artwork is indeed special and beautiful. I would love to own a piece in my own home as well! Have a fun and safe trip! Sorry to hear about your infections; I hope you feel better soon...take it easy & relax in New Orleans...maybe that trip is just what you need to get back to your full self!

  4. Congratulations Carolyn on your mention! I know as a business person myself how exciting it can be and it's well deserved. Double exciting to be going down to New Orleans I love that town and I hope you enjoy every moment.


  5. Wow, Carolyn, I am thrilled for you and well deserved recognition!! Hope you have a wonderful time in New Orleans - can't wait to hear all the details!

  6. Oh, congratulations!!! So excited for you. Of course, I will keep you in my prayers. I've gotten lots of ear infections too - they are soooo painful. Hope you feel better soon, Sweetie! Get lots of rest and let that family of your spoil you. xo

  7. Carolyn, I am SO happy or you!!! What exciting news!! xo

  8. Congrats Carolyn, I am thrilled for you....You deserve it!

  9. Hi Carolyn! Congratulations!! This is wonderful news and I agree! ... what a lovely home :) and artwork. My father was born in New Orleans and my cousins still reside there ... Paula, Pam, Patty, and Penny. Lol! Yes, that's right! Southern hospitality, great food and decor. Have a wonderful time!

    I don't know whyybive missed your last couple posts?! I will re add you to my blog roll!


  10. Congrats Carolyn...I am sooo happy for you! You deserve it!