Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What If Wednesday's…..What If You Never Knew Christina Murphy!

"What If" it was already Wednesday and I was supposed….Oh, Wait! It IS Wednesday! Wow!! How does this happen? Where is time going? 
I had the most beautiful post ready…and I mean that for once, I really had it ready...that kind of ready that my husband was not going to be concerned about how late I stayed up tonight blogging kind of post!!! 

I had been studying Christina Murphy's wonderful interiors for awhile…so glad I had finally found someone that I didn't know about!!!

Someone who used color as it should be used….just in all the right places!

And then somewhere in between me wanting this sofa and dreaming about painting at least ONE of my cabinets black…I got a phone call…one that was pretty shocking…and even more shocking than that…I saw TWO magazines that I read religiously on here that somehow I had missed!!! And then I realized they came out at the same time! ALL IN THE MONTH OF MAY!!!!!!!! They both had features on Christina…I truly didn't see them or know of this until I was researching her incredible work! Needless to say, it put a bit of a damper on my post but then I also thought, "hey, obviously I'm not the only one that is loving Christina's work!" 
But seriously, how does one miss Traditional Home AND House Beautiful?!

 Here it is! In full color!!
In fact, here they ALL are!!! In full color!!!

It hit me quickly that May was our month from….well, you know…down under! Our youngest child graduating from High School and us helping to chaperone his senior trip…..Need I say more? I think Not!!!! No wonder I didn't realize that my precious, sweet angel of a husband hadn't renewed my subscriptions yet!!! Trust me, that will never happen again! maybe….
but I still missed it! And that's all that matters! I hate it when I miss important things!

Now, I'm just one very grateful girl that is glad I've had the chance to see Christina's most recent works in two of my most favorite magazines!!

 I mean, seriously….how often do we get to see someone that designs from her heart? Someone that uses color in spurts just where it should be used? How fun!!!

I read once that Christina grew up with a mom that decorated as well and that she was never not around bolts of fabric, etc…I know that's how my children feel and I sure hope it creates good memories and inspires them in all that they do! I used to feel really guilty about all of my design and career pursuits for my own shop... Christina certainly channeled her childhood experiences into a wonderful career!

I love that she mixes vintage finds with her decor and that she incorporates history in her design elements.

Christina's work speaks for itself and I hope you enjoy these fabulous pictures that are just a sampling of her interior design work.

( I know this was the sofa in one of the first pics…I just love it and wanted it to be here again!)

I know I always say this in my posts but this backs me up 100 percent so I'm going to go out on a limb here and say it one more time….Every room needs at least a little bit of black in it! It's timeless!!!

I'm beginning to think every room needs a touch of orange as well! But black will never, ever, ever go out of style! I promise! I've been listening to the words of the most wonderful designer ever since I was 19!!!

And certainly throwing in unexpected, fun, contemporary art is always a plus in my book! You know how much I promote incredible art in my shop and I've learned to have it in my home as well and break away from the expected! The "unexpected" is always the best treat in life anyway!

Surprise me!


Throw in that lucite console! I love it!!

Every time I see this picture it makes me think of kids spying on a wonderful adult dinner party! Wish there was a precious little child in pj's just sitting at the top of these stairs thinking everybody looked so glamorous and that they were "spying"!

I love seeing Christina in her own home!

The furnishings are incredible!

What a fabulous kitchen this is! I love, love, love the large scale wallpaper in this small kitchen space as well as in this den or family room below!

Her detail to children's rooms need no explanations from me, 
that's for certain!

They are exquisite!

As are her dining room, living room and bedroom spaces…in fact, all of her spaces and their inviting atmosphere are truly something that only need sharing! 

As a matter of fact, this den/family room above is what originally caught my eye about Christina Murphy in the first place! It looks a lot like my own home….and that is what catches my eye about any one designer in the first place! 

Did they capture your heart and spirit and make it feel like home for you….

Did they create that new atmosphere that you were wishing for …one that you didn't know how to capture yourself?

All of these design elements are what I look for when I see someone creating and making new spaces and places for people and families to live in these days….We all want the same thing….

It just may take that one special designer to make it happen for us!

Who is that designer for you? Is it Christina? It just might be! I sure love her work and I look forward to investigating it even more….now that my shocking phone calls and chaperoning senior trips are over with! 
For now….enjoy Christina Murphy's beautiful Interior Designs!!!!
Have a wonderful week!


  1. Bravo..well done! I see thats something we have in common....lots of pictures aka eye candy:) Am familiar with her work and have been a fan ever since I first laid eyes on a room she had done. She just gets it right combining traditional elements with modern practicalty and function. Every one of her rooms just beckons you in.....gorgeous!!

    1. You have to love eye candy these days! I think it's my favorite thing about blogging! Besides making new friends and seeing much more of this wonderful country we live in!

  2. I can see why you love her work. She is so creative and her work is amazing. Great post!

  3. I love the vermillion daybed and her use of color throughout each room she designs!
    Happy Wednesday.

  4. She does have great style, and certainly not afraid of color, but I do see a fabulous all white room there!

    1. I almost said something about that white room because I love it too!

  5. i love her work too!!

    her greens drive me wild!!


    1. You would like my house then! For some reason, that I didn't even realize….my house has gone green! And I don't mean in the way most people think! I mean…green! Color! I love it!

  6. Her work is amazing. Loved seeing all of the rooms created by this talented designer! xo

  7. Hi, Carolyn -
    Love your Wednesday What If posts!! :-) Dan Carither, Suzanne Rheinstein, Christina Murphy....all fantastic designers. Christina Murphy has such a large and diverse portfolio. Her use of color is wonderful.....very confident. Thank you for showcasing her work. Have a wonderful weekend. :-)
    Cheers from DC,

  8. WOW!!! What an amazing and comprehensive post! I loved every minute of it. I've loved her since I first heard of her, too. Thanks for the awesome post!

  9. Wow, lots of great images! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Hello there Carolyn! This is a vast collection of styles fit for anyone!!! I tend to like the white rooms with little color, and the ones here with pops of LAVENDER or GREEN or just black and white really stand out to me! LOVELY MY DEAR and thank you for your visit! Anita

  11. Lots to look at here! Stopping by for the first time and I think I will have to flag this post. I'm enjoy neutrals and adding or changing pops of color (in all the right places) is so much fun and can really change the feel of a room. Thanks for sharing all this inspiration. So much talent all rolled up in to one individual?!


  12. Wow what a great post, I feel like I could study every picture for a long time. Love the part about being surrounded by fabric bolts as a child and what you said, I feel the same way!