Friday, May 4, 2012

My Secret Garden Wish...

Ever dream about that "Secret Garden"? I sure do! And with all of our fabulous resources these days it's made it even more exciting and accessible! 

I feel like a whole new world has opened up with all of the help from fellow bloggers and Pinterest and just the internet in general! It's so much fun to see what everyone else is doing out in the garden world!

Boy was I glad to hear that last sentence from her!! I can't tell you how many mistakes I've made in my feeble gardening attempts! I'm glad to know that even an expert says you can always start over!

I know my last post was also about this genius couple and their magnificent property in New Jersey but it focused on the Barn…this focuses on the property! I for one am busy planting away in my own yard and it's always a trial and error type of thing! Now…I'm hoping to try even harder at being inspired by such an incredible talent!

I'm really enjoying reading about all that this couple has done in the way of transformations and in their expertise in gardening and design. I guess it's ok to live vicariously every once in a while!
I wouldn't mind actually meeting them one day either!
For now…I will just study their gardens, share what I find and try to incorporate it into my weak attempt at a garden! At least it's fun for me to try and grow new things…and I love watching the progress! 
The urgent issue at the moment..the one that's easier to deal with I should say…is choosing all of the right pots, urns, garden decor, etc….I've seen so many choices lately!

Especially on my new found blog that I'm in love with! Tone on Tone with Loi Thai. Trust me, you don't want to miss out on anything that he puts up! 

I'm in love with this pond and "birdbath" or fountain…that sits on Andrea and William's property.

And who wouldn't want to entertain on a table like this! 

And in a garden setting so wonderful!!

But with all of the pictures on Pinterest and everybody's blogs that are so wonderful, sometimes it can be a bit frightening to simply pick out that perfect garden urn! Or that pot that looks aged and worn with time! Not to mention the stress of planting the plants in them to make them look like a gorgeous piece of art or a spectacular painting!

I feel certain that if we were friends they could advise me on which urn to buy…what to plant with my rosemary bushes on my front porch….and all kinds of really helpful…meaningful advice!

In fact, they might even say, "Carolyn…that rosemary is way too small for that beautiful pot you just bought last week!" And then…I think they would get distracted with precious Zoie and finally tell me that I was doing just fine with my planting...

Now I do know that I need to remove the bag of dirt, sweep up the debris…and finish planting the trailing  Ornamental Oregano and Creeping Jenny! ( I just love the name, Creeping Jenny!) It makes me laugh! Ok…enough already…back to what Andrea would say…

( I bet she would LOVE my Ornamental Oregano!)

You go girl! I like the way you think and I REALLY like the way you garden and design! I hope I'm not being a Creeping Carolyn by researching all that you are doing on this gorgeous property but I for one happen to love it! It's inspiring, it's innovative and it's Incredible!!! I know everyone is enjoying getting to see the end results of your hard work and loving attention to such a beautiful place!

Happy weekend and Happy planting to everyone! I'm hoping we get to finish ours…we shall see! I will have my "hop along cassidy" hubby beside me to help! Bless his heart! Maybe he planned to get hurt right now just to get out of planting! No…..surely not??

Much love and well wishes for a wonderful weekend!


  1. Hahaha! The rosemary. Well we know it will get huge!
    Don't you just love Loi? Genius!
    Beautiful post, Carolyn.
    Happy Friday.

  2. you gave me a great idea.
    when i go to see my mom in maine....
    i will plant some rosemary in her big pots by the front - or back door.


  3. I'm a HUGE fan of creeping jenny. Around here it's a perennial, and does so well when paired with richer leafed plants like coral bells. Such a pretty color - and you're right, the name is just fun to say! :)
    Cross Bottle Guy

  4. Thank you for these inspiring photos. I like the idea of a beige muslin-type tablecloth for the outdoor table.