Monday, February 20, 2012

Awesome Wonder....New Emyo Paintings are Here!

We LOVE it when our special friend and artist Emily Ozier arrives with new paintings! It's a great day at Mulberry Heights Antiques when that happens! We await her arrival anxiously! Even if I'm out of town, Pattie sends me pictures from her phone and when we return home....I don't unpack or even go to the grocery store...I literally BEE LINE it for the shop so that I can sit in awesome wonder and stare at her glorious works of art!

Sometimes I might even find something wonderful like this reflection in our  antique Louis Philippe mirror! That's always fun!

And if I'm really lucky....I will even get in a shot or two of our wonderful iron lamps...

And Creamware as well!

But the real beauty...the real artistic wonder lies in Emily's imagination....and we are forever grateful that we get to be a part of that and help her share her wonderful God given talent with the people that truly love it and need it! When I studied the names of her paintings tonight...I was reminded once again that her work is truly an Awesome Testimony to God's Wonders! Thank you, Emily for sharing your talent with all of us!

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  1. Beautiful painting, Carolyn! Happy to see the latest paintings.