Monday, January 16, 2012

Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is....

As we continue to grow and strive to "keep up with the times" we will NEVER lose sight of the fact that we are an Antiques Shop!  However....there are times when you just want to have fun, too!

                                            I love mixing the "old" with the "new"!

                      So...this Market....we decided to do just that!!! Take a look!!!

                                    I'm MORE than excited about these tables~~

                           And I can't wait for our new line of candles and soaps...

          We will always carry our "old faithfuls"! We've had these books for years.....

                            and will continue to do so because our customers love them!

                  Don't be afraid of branching out! Decorate with the things that you just makes perfect since as you are the one that has to see it everyday!

Even if it means adding a true, fun touch of whimsy!!

How fun are these tables? and these fabulous burlap light fixtures!!

                           Always keep in mind the things that matter...the memories!

 Loved visiting the High Design floor at Market! It's always our first stop!!! The wonderful food doesn't hurt either! It's always so much fun!!!

And yes, I was truly dying over these vintage Louis Vuitton trunks!! If only I had a mere $14,800 to spend!

                                  It never hurts to dream, though!!!

So I let myself keep a mirror instead! Jim was really glad! It sounded a lot better after seeing the price on the trunks! 

                  Antique paintings are a true weakness of mine!! I admit it!!!

               But I didn't keep one of those...they are at the shop, waiting for you!

This sunset on the way home was so fun to see! The entire way back I was just imagining how much these new finds will add to Mulberry Heights Antiques! Even the new items will blend well once they arrive! We will keep you posted and that NEW ARRIVALS sign will beckon you in as you drive down Canterbury Road one day! Just be on the lookout!!

 So, when you think about mixing your old and new at home....think about putting your money in the things that will last a lifetime...but never, ever...let yourself forget to have fun!!! As the song says....A Little Less Conversation....and A lot More Action! Just go ahead and do it! Branch out!! You won't be sorry!

A Little Less Conversation

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  1. Looks like y'all had a great time. In love with the mirror!