Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Oh, To Be in France.....Normandy to be Exact!

When I was a little girl, I dreamed of log cabins, prairie dresses, trunks filled with special memorabilia.....

And then I grew up!!  And I dreamed of silver serving pieces, creamware, transferware.....

Each and every piece told a story and I could truly imagine it! It was exciting and wonderful! It was a true treasure hunt to me at each antique fair we attended! The quest was on!!!! At each show I felt like the gun was firing and I was hearing, "On your mark, get set.....GO!!!!" I loved the thrill of the hunt!!! And I still do!

But I also love seeing people fall in love with the things that I love!! I love seeing happy customers!!
I love seeing my dream of collecting pieces come true!! Whether it be silver, transferware, creamware, ironstone...anything your heart desires....I love seeing a dream become a reality!!!

Which is exactly why discovering Normandy was so much fun for me!!! It was a quest....and we were able to set out and conquer that quest that I had so wanted to do!! We found the home that  I had seen in a long ago Victoria Magazine. To be in that house...see and meet the owners in person.. To share their love of all things old! To see their barn that was overflowing with treasures....THAT was a dream come true!!! Which is why this issue of Veranda magazine re-kindled all kinds of emotions!!!

Creamware was all over their house....as was black and white and red and white transferware! And the chairs that I fell in love with in the magazine....were also once for sale in my shop....of course they are sold, but I still love the memories....

In fact, I loved the memories so much that we re-did our bedroom in these fabrics that were also featured in Victoria magazine....I've never tired of it!!!

But for now....just bask in the beauty of this incredible house that was so lovingly restored!!

The colors on these walls are to die for....so soothing...so refreshing! The french transferware plates are just like the ones that we have in the shop! I was so thrilled to see black and white transferware again! It was my first love! It's hanging in my dining room and adorns the tops of my kitchen cabinets....

The images of this beautifully restored home by Charles Spada is everything I dreamt of then and even more than I could hope for now.....I know you will enjoy reading about the home...and just know, if you ever want to find a piece of Normandy yourself, simply come in to Mulberry Heights Antiques and I can share a couple of treasures with you! Bon jour!


  1. Wow what a fabulous home and what a neat experience that you were able to go visit the very home that you had so admired! This is a breathtaking home...they might need to kick me out if I had visited. I am like you, anything tabletop, I LOVE!!

  2. PS I would LOVE to know the wall color in the dining room....so beautiful.