Friday, November 18, 2011

The Inspiration Home

Yes, Carolyn....there is an Inspiration Home!

Ok...I love the saying at Christmas, "Yes, Virginia....and then you are left to wonder...even though most of us know the ending to that statement...there is still a bit of wonder! Which is great at this time of year! This season of wondering and believing has only just begun!

That's how I felt today after leaving one of the prettiest homes I've seen in a long time! We are so happy to be a part of the Birmingham Home and Garden's "Inspiration Home" as a sponsor through Mulberry Heights Antiques and had such a fabulous afternoon getting to tour it for the first time since it's been finished!

While there I oohed and awwhed over everything! And I do mean everything! I loved it from the minute I walked in until the minute I walked out! one point I heard myself declare way to audibly  that I would have to go home and change everything!  I made notes....kept great ideas in my head and even talked about re-painting my entire house just so I could paint my doors black like the Inspiration Home! ( one of my favorite signature Tracery moves I saw tonight!)

                    and... I really, really loved this view into the foyer! Very unexpected!! and it's still bringing in the signature black that I loved so much!

but....when I got home, I was pleasantly surprised! In the Inspiration Home I was so happy to see collections of Ironstone and Creamware...paintings and yes, even my all time favorite... cross stitching...sometimes called punchboard embroidery! In fact...I may have seen my Christmas present that my sweet hubby can give me in that wonderful upstairs sitting room! That lovely cross stitched deer would fit right in with my own collection! We shall see!  So wish I had snapped a pic!! It was even signed with very special! No telling how long it took that mother to cross stitch that!
Even better....I spied a picture of my precious daughter and her friends in the upstairs sitting room! Now tell me That doesn't make it feel like home!!!

All in all....I was MORE than the Birmingham Home and Garden Inspiration Home and Tracery Interiors! And the architect, Chris Reebels did an excellent job! If we were empty nesters I would be purchasing that home tomorrow! Yes, we are very close to being we aren't just yet!

          They had used a pair of consoles from the shop and WOW!! They looked incredible!

         To say our dining chairs look amazing is an understatement! and now they are sold! Oh well!!

 I'm absolutely in LOVE with our chandelier in the Master Bed Room!!!! How romantic is this room?

And of the entry way was an EMYO from our shop! What better way to make an entrance?

Well....I'm not "wondering" any more! Yes, Virginia...and Carolyn...there IS a Santa Claus! He makes children's dreams come true....just like the Inspiration Home made all of my dreams come true! Yes, Carolyn....there IS that perfect house out there for you!

Trust me when I tell you that you need to go visit it!! Who knows....this could quite possibly be the next entrance you see when you drive into your new neighborhood!

It's a wonderful development and one that I hope you will take the time to go see!  I can assure you that you will leave Inspired! You may be like me and think you are depressed for a minute...but it makes you realize that as long as you put the things that you love the most into your design and decorating of your own home....that's what really matters! And that's what means the most to people that are viewing your home! Birmingham Home and Garden, Tracery Interiors and Chris Reebels did an EXCELLENT job of giving us a "real" example of a to be "Inspired" by for years to come!


  1. I wish i lived closer. I would go see right now! It looks gorgeous!

  2. My message must have gotten lost! LOVE! I love the chairs you sold.
    Have a relative that lives in the Cove.
    Have a nice Friday.

  3. Stunning...would love to see it in person. Very elegant!