Monday, October 3, 2011

Inspirations...Where Do Yours Come From?

Lately, we have been getting inspired by alot of different things as I'm sure most people have! It's easy to do when the weather is changing and with every new season comes new ways to spruce ways to entertain...

Not only have we had fun sprucing up the shop with wonderful fall items like burlap table runners, glorious cinderella pumpkins, pheasants, turkeys, etc....we've been bringing in new pieces of furniture! Well...they are "new" to the shop but they are anything but NEW! These incredible sheepbone chairs are the prettiest we've ever had in my humble opinion!!

 They have a double nailhead trim and the legs are more detailed than usual and I love the fabric! I also love that when the upholsterer got them "undone" he informed us that they were truly much older than the ones he usually sees!

That was exciting to me to know for a fact that these particular chairs date back to the mid 1800's! A rarity these days in the world of chairs!! Chairs that can actually be functional as well as beautiful! Chairs that even a large man can sit in and you won't be secretly praying that it doesn't crumble under his weight while he is eating!! ( trust me...I've held my breath many a time at a dinner party at my own home! )

And since we are talking about different ways to get inspired…I will let you in on a little secret that we 
 will be updating as it progresses. We are excited to be helping with the Birmingham Home and Garden's Inspiration Home that Tracery Interiors is designing! Needless to say...the Inspiration Home is certainly inspiring us to bring in wonderful pieces that will help to make the home as beautiful as possible! Can't wait for it to be finished and for everyone to get to see the beautiful work from Tracery that we have all come to know and love!
Keep watching our blog for updates....I feel certain they will inspire you as well.

 Just look at this wonderful would be fabulous in a home and would certainly make anyone feel inspired!

Until our next update....


  1. LOVE those chairs, maybe because they look a lot like my breakfast room chairs which I love so much despite having had them for 8 years, I am moving with them and just changing out the fabric, big fan of nailhead trim too. Beautiful!

  2. How exciting. Love the chairs. Wish I had them!

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  4. Hi Carolyn,
    I love love love those chairs! They are gorgeous, and I especially love the nailheads!

  5. Love, Carolyn. Congratulations. I know that you are so excited!
    Have a great day. See you soon.