Tuesday, July 5, 2011

It's Almost time for Market Day!!!

I can"t believe that our shop is just one year older than Market Day!!!
How did that happen???? 
Where did the time go???
Another year has come and gone!! ( almost feels like a year book comment! )  can't believe it!! but we always look forward to Market Day in the Village....and we are geared up for this one more so than ever!!!!!

Even if I'm being a wee bit funny...I really can't believe it's time for Market Day to be here again! It seems to come around faster than Christmas! And that's a good thing! and our customers agree! They've been asking for some time now..."When are you going to have a sale? What are you doing for Market Day?"

It's the same questions year after year and yet I never get tired of them!!! Because....I never know the answer until the very last minute!! And it's always a great answer because it's our time to "unload" alot of our things in order to get ready for all that is arriving  from Market and from other vendors...wonderful treasures to get your mouths watering and your brains thinking about what parties you want to throw once the kids get back in school and what gifts you want to start purchasing for the holidays in order to be ahead of the rat race...so to speak!!!! hey...wonder if we should have a "rat race" sale? I doubt that would go over very well...but you never know!!! It could just be as simple as "an early bird" sale!!!!

No matter what we do...it's always fun and it's truly always an adventure!!! Just thought I'd post a picture from last year from the shop next door...sometimes I buy more than I sell!! I often sneak off just to see what's around the corner! Trust me...this year you don't want to sneak off!!! It will be bigger and better than ever! Especially if you are following our blog and liking us on facebook! You never know what twist we might bring to this year's Market Day Sale!!!
Hope you Enjoy!!!

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