Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Birthdays Come First!!!!

Ok....ALOT has been developing at Mulberry Heights!! And we are sooooo excited!!! We have some wonderful guest bloggers that we are about to post and are so very grateful for them! We also have interviews galore with people and magazines that we truly adore and we can't wait to share their thoughts with you! Between the designers guest blog posts and the interviews...I feel like you will be inspired as much as we have been!!!!
Tomorrow is a birthday celebration for Pattie and Ellen and a "going away" send off for my precious daughter Holly!!! We are so excited to be celebrating birthdays....in fact...it's a new one for Mulberry as our  newest member, Ellen has been added!!! But...we are sad to see Holly go and yet we know that we will enjoy all of our new contacts through her as she embarks on a new adventure in New Orleans!! What fun!!! I shall be off visiting a lot I think!! As much as I really DON'T like to travel....I think I can find a lot to do in New Orleans and of course have the best reason of all to visit....just to get a hug and a smile from my baby girl!!
....ok...back to Pattie and Ellen!!
Happy Birthday!!! Can't wait to celebrate!!!! I love you both and looking forward to tomorrow!!!

thank you for visiting Mulberry!!! We truly treasure your friendship!

carolyn bradford


  1. Happy birthday and best of luck to your daughter in New Orleans...is she studying there? Such a wonderful city and yes TONS to do, beware you leave there having gained few extra pounds from all the wonderful food in that city:)

  2. Happy Birthday, ladies.
    We are pulling for you, Holly!

  3. Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes!

  4. Thank you girls at Mulberry for a great birthday party today!!! Such fun being with everyone & sharing a wonderful lunch!!

  5. Thanks to all of you for caring and reading our blog!!! Holly and Brad are headed off to a wonderful new adventure with Chick fil a in New Orleans ( Kenner, La...) we shall see....we shall see....it's always exciting to learn a new city!!!! it's just hard on the mama!!! LOL!!! I will be fine because i know that Holly and Brad are doing great and the Lord has them in the palm of His hand!!!! Mulberry is doing great for the very same reason!!!! Thanks for your friendship!!

  6. Birthdays are so fun!! Happy birthday! Praying for Holly and Brad, too!