Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Timeless Beauty

I have been wanting to put up a post these past few days all about creamware and how timeless it truly is. While
searching for just the right pictures to do it justice I stumbled across
this wonderful old issue of Victoria magazine featuring Mulberry Heights Antiques !
Even though this was shot in 2008 it is still classically beautiful! In fact, most of these pieces are in my home which is where this was photographed. It is just one of many collections that I have aquired over the years and it is the ONLY one that I am not tired of !! Truly Timeless!

Hope you enjoy viewing these pieces of Creamware/Queensware! The intricate designs in each piece make them truly lovely! It sure was fun to read the article again! I had even forgotten some of the finer details of Creamware! It was a "refresher" course for me!!! Hope you enjoy the article as well as the pictures!!!

                                Here are a few of the pieces that we have in the shop today!!!

And just look at how beautiful they are grouped over a painting by Emily Ozier! We have done several ads for numerous magazines that involve Creamware and wonderful paintings!!!!
I plan to post those within the next few day!!! Hope you enjoy!!!

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  1. Such beautiful pieces, Carolyn. I remember this Victoria.
    Creamware is so beautiful.