Monday, October 11, 2010

Thanksgiving... be thankful and enjoy!!!

I don't think in all my years of decorating or owning my shop that I have ever felt the urgency that I feel now to "hurry it up!" so to speak!!! I feel like if I don't get my shop decorated or if I don't get this blog posted that, I won't matter!! and that Mulberry won't matter!!!! What a lie!!!! Of course Mulberry will matter!!! we have things to sell to make your Thanksgiving (as well as Christmas which will be on the next post!) MATTER!!! and it does matter very much to us!!! and of course... I Matter!!! Why.... if I wasn't involved... how would my children know which grandparents house to go to this Thanksgiving? We take turns every year for crying out loud!!! I don't even remember who's turn it is from year to year! !It only comes down to who has the best Turkey and Dressing!! he he!!!! and of course... each year... we sample both!!! My personality is to make Everyone happy!! Even if you read about me griping about it.... don't listen!!! My family is too important to me to take sides!!! In fact.... there are no sides!! We are blessed beyond measure and just glad to have a place to celebrate all that we are thankful for!!! But.... if Mulberry Heights can in any way.... help you decorate your table, or your home.... or just spruce it up!! We would love to!! We are just around the corner....the turkeys that we got at market this year really are some of the best we've ever had! And both Pattie and Patti... (we have two Patti's (es) that work at the shop and both are very gifted at flower arranging!) I'm excited about those as well as our terra cotta pumpkins that can be thrown in to give an arrangement interest and depth.
I truly cannot wait for you to see all of our Christmas items!!! Grapevine Angels that would be so beautiful plain, or decorated with flowers, ivy, etc.... Candle holders that will enliven any table and Holy Family sets to truly put you in the Celebration mode of Christmas!!!!
All in all.... the holidays are about family and friends.... its about setting your tables and making your guests feel as welcome as possible!! The most important thing is that the holidays do not leave you feeling overwhelmed! Thats why we would love to help! Even if just amounts to giving you gift ideas! thats still very important to us!!!
Can't wait to show you some more pics!!!! as soon as I learn how to keep posting them and not having to write about them!!!! Please stop by the shop and see us!!! We love getting your feedback!!!!!
p.s. don't feel like you have to put purses on your table!!! We just did that to make our new line of purses seem interesting!!! In fact... the purses are selling... the jewlery is selling.... maybe its all for the holiday season!!!! DON'T MISS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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